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MK Martin Pulsar Skidsteer

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Pulsar Skidsteer

Designed for mowing fields and light brush up to 2" in diameter, hydraulic Pulsar models are the ideal cutting attachments for skid loaders. The hydraulic motor is matched to the flow of the skid loader to provide optimal performance. Coupled directly to the hydraulic motor, the drive spindle is supported by two bearings allowing the power to be transferred directly to the blade assembly without the need for a gear box. Hydraulic Pulsar models come standard with a front push bar for bending over light brush, a chain curtain to prevent materials from be ejected from under the deck, and a floating pivot mount which allows the mower to follow the contours of the ground.

Pulsar Skidsteer
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MK Martin

MK Martin Pulsar Skidsteer Pulsar Blade Assembly

MK Martin Pulsar Skidsteer Mount

MK Martin Pulsar Skidsteer Chain Curtain Option

pulsar skidsteer specifications
Model (Hydraulic) PRCH60 PRCH72
Shipping Weight (LBS.) 760 860
3PH Mount NA NA
Cutting Height min 2" min 2"
Cutting Path 60" 72"
Max Brush Diameter 2" 2"
Overall Width 66" 78"
Tip Speed (Ft/Min) See Flow Chart See Flow Chart
Acres/Hr (5 MPH) 2.73 3.27
Wheels (Segmented) NA NA
Blades (Qty.) 1/2" x 3" (3) 1/2" x 3" (3)
Hydraulic Requirement * See Flow Chart See Flow Chart
Deck 3/16 3/16
Stump Jumper Yes Yes
Protection Relief Valve Relief Valve
gpm flow chart
GPM PRCH60 (FT/Min) PRCH72 (FT/Min)
14-16 10,400-11,880 12,480-14,260
17-20 10,100-11,880 12,120-14,260
20-22 9,510-10,460 11,410-12,550
23-26 8,545-9,660 10,250-11,570
27-33 8,020-9,810 9,630-11,770
33-40 7,840-9,510 9,410-11,410